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At the age of 21 I was a young, single mum and went through some tough times. I’d always dreamt of doing something big and exciting and one day I decided I wanted to be my own boss! I wanted to work my own hours, and manage my own diary so I could provide for my son and live the best and most exciting life I could…

…So, I started a career in beauty as a Make-Up Artist in 2009. My clientele were mainly brides, and having been in the bridal make-up industry for over 6 years, I soon realised the selection of lashes available were limited in style and I was having to triple stack lash styles to get the desired look, which wasn’t cost-effective. There was definitely a gap in the market for an affordable, good quality, natural-looking, 3D lash collection – and I decided to do something about it!
I first introduced and designed ‘Sandie Lashes’ in 2015 showcasing the original 3 styles ‘Monica, Chloe and Kyra’ specifically for my bridal clients. I designed and created these lashes specifically for myself to use on my clients to give them my signature look. My Instagram posts soon started to create a buzz within the make-up industry and people were asking where they could buy my lashes!

My lash collection soon grew from 3 styles to 5, and as demand grew, so did my lash collection, to now total a superb collection of 17 lashes. I have proudly now also introduced a stunning 3D vegan range of lashes to the Sandie Lashes collection to suit all tastes and preferences.

I was a young girl with big dreams, and have now become a woman with a vision - a vision to inspire other women to be the best versions of themselves and to chase that dream, just like I did. We all have that spark within us, we just need to find it and set it alight to shine bright – don’t be afraid to make changes and dream bigger than your imagination. There’s a big world out there and nothing is stopping us!

Women and girls, see your value as leaders - take your seat at the table – and if there isn’t a space for you, create your own table!

Women… empower yourselves!

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